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How can I help

To realize this dream, my team and I depend on sponsors and donations. Therefore we are searching for individuals, organizations or companies willing to support our initiative.

If you are bothered about Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and want to sponsor our projects please do not hesitate to contact us info@weforgirls.org. You can also help by donating out of the goodness of your heart to support "We for Girls" to launch campaigns against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Kenya.

You can also help by volunteering in our programs. 

You can donate now securely online with PayPal

Types of donation

Corporate support for "We for Girls" makes good business sense.
Partnership with us delivers bottom-line benefits. We recognize that your commercial objectives are as important to you as our work is to us. We are developing fruitful partnerships with many local, provincial and national companies. Together, we can tailor a partnership that will deliver results.

Enhance your corporate image

Consumers have a very positive image of companies that lend their name to a good cause. By supporting "We for Girls", you create a direct link between your company and the Society, its mission, accomplishments and daily fight to make Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) history.

Enjoy added value

Consumers are inclined to purchase products and services associated with a good cause. By partnering with "We for Girls", you will enhance your brand image and set yourself apart from the competition. Your company will more effectively win the loyalty of current customers and attract new ones.

Increase your sales

Supporting "We for Girls" has definite promotional value. In the eyes of the community, it highlights your company name as well as your products and services. Our activities, programs, services and publications attract a vast and diverse clientele. In fact, we create a direct link with your clients and target markets.

Set your products and services apart from the competition

Faced with equal quality and price, consumers tend to do business with a company that stands out for its contribution to a good cause.

Foster enthusiasm in the workplace and promote team spirit

When you show interest in issues that directly affect your employees, you encourage their participation and foster team spirit - a key to business success!
  • Distinguish a company's products or services
  • Help recruit and retain good employees
People like working for companies that endorse good causes and contribute to improving the quality of life in their community. Your employees will be proud to work for a socially responsible organization
  • Employee donations
    Matching donations of employees
  • Third party donations - initiated by a donor
    Set up by an organization, a group or an individual, an event is held to raise funds or a timely activity is conceived, managed and financed on its own.
  • In memoriam donations
    Donations in memory of a loved one who was subjected to FGM who has passed away
    Donations in memory of a loved one who objected to the mistreatment of women, and who would support "We for Girls"
  • In your honour donations
    Donation in honour of a respected friend, colleague, or relative
  • General donation
    General donations are greatly appreciated
  • Monthly giving
    Small, regular donations can greatly help "We for Girls" while not significantly impacting a person's lifestyle
  • Planned giving
    Leaving a donation in your will